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Rain in the morning.
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Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
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Here's What's Happening

Tire Slashing Investigation Continuing

In Winfield, the investigation into some 30 vehicles that had tires slashed since before Thanksgiving is ongoing. Police say during Thanksgiving week alone, 20 vehicles were reported to have had tires slashed. Winfield Police said in the last week, however, there have not been any... Read More.

Governor’s Cuts Questioned

According to information released Thursday by a non-partisan legislative research group, Governor Sam Brownback’s plan for eliminating a projected $279 million shortfall in Kansas’ current budget will simply shove most of the problem into next fiscal year. The governor’s plan for preventing a deficit in... Read More.

Liquor Store Robbed At Gunpoint In Winfield

Winfield Police are on the hunt for a man they say robbed a Winfield liquor store Thursday morning. Police say the guy they are after is about 40 years old, white, with a skinny build, about 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-7. He last was seen wearing a... Read More.

Ark City Crime Rate High

A new report just released by the FBI, lists Arkansas City as one of the 10 most dangerous cities in Kansas. The list was compiled using the most recent Federal Bureau of Investigation uniform crime report, and draws on reports of both violent and property... Read More.

Rehab Completed Under Budget At Strother Field

Rehabilitation of the primary runway at Strother Field has been completed through a joint effort by Arkansas City and Winfield, and the Strother Field Commission. The project consisted of milling the existing pavement surface and constructing an asphalt overlay to provide additional pavement strength and... Read More.

Moran Planning Visits

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran will visit Winfield and Howard next Thursday, Dec. 18th, as part of his upcoming listening tour. Moran will be in Howard from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. that day at the Cox Building, at the corner of Washington and Wabash, for... Read More.

Ark City Police Are Hiring

The Arkansas City Police Department is hiring. The department is looking for officers who they say, will need to posess high integrity, good decison-making and problem solving skills, and exceptional communication skills. The Ark City Police force is also attempting to diversify its workforce, and... Read More.

Appraisal Updates Forthcoming

On Tuesday, Cowley County commissioners got updates from Cowley County Appraisers of the county’s MIS-GIS department. Starting in the spring and continuing into the fall, about 17 percent of the property in Cowley County - or each property, at least once every six years -... Read More.

Crime Stoppers Hot On The Trail Of Wire Thief

Cowley County Crime Stoppers are hot on the trail of whoever is behind a copper wire theft last month in Winfield that caused a widespread electrical outage. In fact, the wire theft has been named the Cowley County Crime Stoppers Crime of the Month... Read More.

City Attorney Agreement To Be Unveiled Tonight

In Arkansas City, tonight the commissioners will hear a first reading of a resolution to renew a professional services agreement between the City and City Attorney Tamara Niles. That will take place tonight at 5:30 at the meeting that is scheduled to be held... Read More.