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Here's What's Happening

Suspicious Vehicle Sought

Cowley County Sheriff DOn Read is putting out a warning about some suspicious activity recently. On Tuesday, a citizen who lives near Rock noticed a dirty-white Suburban that came onto his property. It had a white male and a black male inside.... Read More.

Considering Travel Today? One Word: Don’t!

If you have travel plans today, you might want to rethink them to avoid a real mess at many airports around the country. A monster snow storm has blanketed the northeast in a thick coat of snow. Thousands are without power and travel bans have... Read More.

Ark City Board Of Education Meets

The Arkansas City Board of Education met Monday night, and board members heard a presentation from Roosevelt Elementary School staff on how they are working hard to make a difference in the lives of their students. The presentation began with a video clip of students... Read More.

Kraft Speaks Out In Defense Of Patriots

As we count down the hours until Super Bowl 49 this weekend, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft came out swinging yesterday, saying there are no cheaters on his team. The NFL is investigating whether the Patriots used under-inflated footballs in the AFC... Read More.

Pedestrian Killed In Winfield

A pedestrian was killed Sunday in Winfield after stepping in front of an eastbound tractor-trailer. It happened yesterday morning around 8:20 on K-360 in Winfield. 23 year old Vance Oliver of Winfield was struck fatally by a 2011 Freightliner semi, registered in Oklahoma and hauling... Read More.

Grass Fire Fought – Result Of Welding Sparks

Firefighters from Udall and Rock were called out to a report of a grass fire over the weekend. It happened Sunday afternoon on 62nd Road, 9 miles east of Udall. Reportedly, Richard Miller had been welding near his shop, and sparks set the short... Read More.

Two Arrested On Drug And Alcohol Charges

Two people were arrested Friday morning on drug and alcohol charges near the old West Chestnut Avenue bridge. The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office says 21 year old Trenton Biddle of Garden City, was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of... Read More.

Flames Hit Rent-A-Center

The Rent-A-Center on North Summit is heavily damaged after a Wednesday night fire. It all began about 7:30 last night when people began smelling the smoke. Ark City and Winfield firefighters responded. Summit STreet was closed during the ffort. Firefighters... Read More.

Wichita Police Shooting

In Witchita, police fatally shot a man who allegedly threatened to kill people at a home. According to the police report, it happened Saturday night when two officers responded to a report that a drunken man armed with a knife was attempting to go... Read More.