Ark City, KS
Feels like 63°.
Humidity: 86% Dew Point: 59°
Clouds: 100% Pressure: 29.92 in
Wind: ENE 11 mph Visability: 9 mi Conditions as of 2:33am
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80 62
Light rain in the morning and windy overnight.
88%   91%
6:15   8:37
79 70
Rain throughout the day and windy overnight.
98%   93%
6:15   8:37
79 68
Windy in the morning and light rain in the morning and overnight.
83%   77%
6:14   8:38

Here's What's Happening

Furture Of Water Talked

Last week, several local businesses hosted a “Future of Water in Kansas” meeting at Cowley College’s Wright Room. The meeting featured two keynote speakers... Tracy Streeter, who is the director of the Kansas Water Office, and Jackie McClaskey, the secretary of the Kansas Department of... Read More.